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Advantages to Using Captira

Complete Package * Work From Anywhere * Data Services State of the Art Technology Reports * 24/7 Customer Support Training * Data Migration * And More

Built by bail bond owners and software experts. Captira's toolkit offers the latest in office and research technology. Check out the features of each toolkit module below.
Defendant & Inventory Management
  • Defendant Wizard - flowing and clear, quick and easy defendant intake wizard that guides you seamlessly from start to finish.
  • Lookup, monitor and track defendant information easily. Track comprehensive information such as personal and demographic data, collateral, check-in activity and mug-shots. Monitor payments and balance due.
  • Monitor Inventory easily. Lookup powers and status instantly.
Simple Workflow
  • Single Click Access. Simple and concise, provides quick access to tools you need with ease.
Office Management
  • Manage schedules easily. Court dates, forfeitures due, Payments due, and Show Cause dates automatically updated in calendar.
Reporting & Analytics
  • Captira's Reports & Forms are the solution to all your data needs. Print Invoices and Statements for Defendants and Agents. Monitor Liability, Agent Income, and Forfeitures with Comprehensive reports. Reduce Paper, Captira houses standard Surety Forms for most major Bail Surety Companies. All Standard reports can be customized easily.
Data Mart
  • We offer Comprehensive Back grounds including criminal background checks and Credit Checks from TransUnion - full reports including FICO scores. Soon we will be offering solutions to more data verification services.
  • Get ready for our Data Mart Website which will surprise you with a vast amount of data sources. This offers a centralized location allowing easy access to the top vendors in the data services industry. (Brought together by Captira), What this will do for you is offer an extensive array of tools that you may use to check on collateral, via, various search engines such as ownership and income verification, real estate property and motor vehicle data, and more data solutions that provide data about peoples and their assets.